Hello, World!

Hey there! I’m FrontEnd Rails Developer, Shopify OverLord, Linux enthusiast, avid Redditor and your go-to tech support guy (Kill me right!). On a normal day, you’ll find me messing around with some messy Rails/PHP/MySQLPOSTgres/jQuery code, performing CSS magic on websites, making them come alive, while other times, I’m usually up to some mischief on either IRC or the web, in general.

Been developing small to medium sized e-commerce websites, and business pages for some 3 years now. Every once in a while, I can be spotted writing useless scripts to automate tasks or Chrome extensions which are purely non-commercials and interest driven ventures (lasting not more than a week). Oh! and BTW, one such experience got out of hand an is now being used by 12k people around the world – PotatoSmile.

Stay tuned for more!